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Investment Criteria

Venturis invests in medium sized enterprises in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are interested in existing companies from various, more traditional, sectors. Venturis prefers majority stakes or complete take-overs.

We invest in companies which offer ample room for improvement and value creation. Target companies typically offer growth opportunities or are in need of a turnaround, which can be realized with the active support of Venturis. In these cases Venturis will implement an active growth or turnaround program together with the management of the company. We are interested in companies where the management wants to grow or turnaround its business, but also in companies where the CEO wants to retire or that have other issues with succession of management. In the latter case Venturis could bridge the gap in management, and prepare the company for continued growth together with the remaining management. In addition we provide funding for Management Buy-Ins and Buy-Outs.

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